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Today as a company we were fortunate enough to be able to meet with yet another new client! On days like today everyone seems overly excited at the opportunity to get to design a new solution. Our sales team arrived at the office eager to get the day started. We had an appointment time of 9 o clock. Around 8:15 our team gathered their supplies and decided to head to the client’s house. Once we arrived, we were happily greeted by the homeowner and led to the back patio, where the homeowner wanted to install a series of power screens for his patio. The homeowner had issues with not being able to block the wind when he and his family were outside on the back patio. The homeowner also did not want the panels of the power screen to be visible while they were standing in their backyard. Once our design team had processed this information, they brought up the possibility of installing all the panels on the inner roof of the patio so they would not be visible from the backyard. The homeowner seemed very pleased with our idea but was still very confused about how everything would work. Our design team then brought out multiple samples of all our materials, and showed the homeowner exactly where everything would be placed and how to operate the power screen while it was in that position. Once the homeowner saw a visual example of how everything worked, he was much more comfortable with the solution of moving forward with his power screen. The homeowner then went out of his way to mention how pleased and thankful he was that we were able to think of a solution that matched what he had envisioned for his back patio. Once everything had been measured, we gathered up all our supplies thanked the homeowner one final time and loaded up the truck to head back to the office. The start of another successful relationship. We are confident it will lead to another 5-star review! Its situations like these that make us so thankful to be able to work with each and every one of our clients. Not only do we get to create a solution for a family, we now get to start a lifelong relationship that will grow from project to project. When working on a project we absolutely love getting the opportunity to brainstorm with the homeowner. A lot of the time our design team will be able to explain our project a certain way that will benefit the homeowner even more. For example, in one project the homeowner knew exactly what he wanted to do with his patio. He wanted to install a screen room to be able to enjoy the breeze while not completely being affected by the weather. The only problem was he couldn’t quite put a finger on how to include an exit for his dog. Our design team immediately brought up the option for us to include a doggy door so that his dog could enter and exit whenever he wanted. It’s situations like these that make our job so enjoyable we love being able to help the homeowner pinpoint exactly what he wants on a project. We feel like that is one of the things that makes us so special here at Phantom Screens and More. We love letting our work speak for itself but we also like letting the reviews talk as well. We would love for you to check out our awesome 5-star reviews!

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