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Today at Phantom Screens & More we scheduled what we call “remeasuring appointments”. These appointments allow us to get one final look at the area before finalizing any measurements. It also gives us a good opportunity to visit with the homeowner to see if they have any last-minute changes. There have been times where the homeowner wants to add something at these remeasuring appointments. Today’s remeasure was for a power screen project, this was a particularly easy remeasure because the homeowner was very confident in what he wanted. So all that is left is to confirm the measurements, and make sure our mock design looks good to the homeowner. This particular solution is going to be an absolutely beautiful job, its going to allow the homeowner to sit on his patio and enjoy the view while not being affected by the weather. A job like this typically takes 4-6 weeks and we are so excited to create this family’s perfect solution! We will be posting progress photos as we get further into the project. Here at Phantom Screens and More we wanted to give our customers insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Showing our production team working hard to bring the homeowners dream into reality is stuff that is absolutely necessary! We want you as the customer to know the faces that are working hard behind the scenes. We are going to do employee spotlight social media posts to give you more information on the guys that work so hard day and day out to create your perfect solution. We are excited to show you how much this sunroom solution benefits this family! Stay tuned for the final product around 4-6 weeks from now!! That same day we finished a beautiful patio cover job with motorized screens attached. The homeowner has a beautiful pool in the back yard with a television on his patio. He is a big football fan and mentioned multiple times how he loves being outside, enjoying the weather, and watching the game. Originally when our design team went over to his house, he mentioned how he loves his patio cover, but the wind is still a problem while watching games or enjoying a meal on his patio. The homeowner then asked if motorized screens would fix his wind problem. Our design team was able to draw a sketch demonstrating the motorized screen solution. The homeowner loved it! The final product included motorized screens attached to his Phantom Screens and More patio cover that we installed a few years before. Once everything was said and done the family was able to watch every game they wanted without having to worry about any bad weather. This is a perfect example of going from “good to better to best”. We loved being able to work with this homeowner and his family to upgrade their outdoor living experience. Its situations like these that make what we do here at Phantom Screens and More so special! We would love to have the opportunity to create your family’s perfect solution! In the next couple days, we are going to finish multiple projects. One particular project that we are working on is a sunroom. We are attaching this sunroom to the backside of their house. This project sits on a large piece of land with lots of Oklahoma wildlife. The homeowner can’t wait to sit in his sunroom and enjoy the wildlife in all four seasons. Stay tuned for pictures of these beautiful projects in the following weeks!!

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