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Today at Phantom Screens & More we had the privilege of revisiting one of the most exciting projects we have ever gotten to be a part of. Around three years ago we designed a solution for Heyday Entertainment. We created a power screen solution for their upstairs patio bar. It was unique because the power screens had the Heyday logo on them. We understood how including the logo would benefit their company. This power screen and logo combination was the perfect solution. Heyday’s goal was to create a space could watch their children play outside without being in the weather themselves. When we revisited Heyday we were pleased to see how beautiful everything looked. The manager was impressed with how easy the power screens are to use in their functionality. We went upstairs to take some photos and were pleasantly surprised to see just how much they were utilizing our screens. There were multiple customers in the patio area enjoying how nice it was outside while not being blown away by the Oklahoma wind. After talking with customers it was clear Heyday’s goal was accomplished. We are so happy to have created such a perfect solution for Heyday. We love being able to revisit projects and seeing just how much the homeowner/business owner enjoys what we have been able to do for them. That same day we visited a house with a motorized screen. We got footage of the homeowner’s back patio getting rained on and then with a push of a button the screens lowered and blocked every drop. The homeowner mentioned how much he enjoys watching sporting events on his back patio and with our screens no amount of rain will stop him from doing just that. He also mentioned how he doesn’t like his pet running around his house and prefers to have him play in the backyard, but on days like this he runs into problems because he doesn’t want his wet dog coming in the house. The screens give his dog an area to play and relax without coming back in the house and getting all of his furniture wet. Its solutions like these that make what we do here at Phantom Screens & More so special! We love and prioritize making your families day to day life that much easier!  Each and every homeowner has different reasons for wanting motorized screens. Whether it’s to block the wind and rain while you are sitting outside or for your dog to have an area to play. We go above and beyond to make sure it fits your needs perfectly.


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